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We treat all our clients with dignity and respect:

  • We talk with you to understand your unique situation, goals and needs.
  • Collaborate on a plan that best suits you, and we show you how we will implement every step for you.
  • Identify what will be moved to the new residence, given to family, sold, donated or disposed of.
  • We can arrange an Estate Sale if required.


We make all the arrangements to ensure a stress-free, cost-efficient and smooth relocation:

  • Our support teams will co-ordinate the move timetable with you.
  • Packing boxes and supplies will be provided.
  • Our specialists will professionally pack all items for the move.
  • The Just Imagine team will direct the movers on move day.
  • The teams will unpack, put items away, arrange the furniture, make the beds, set up the kitchen and bathrooms and arrange all artwork and decor items.
  • Any additional services can be sourced as needed.


We do everything to make your home ready for sale:

  • It is proven that preparation will help sell your home in the shortest amount of time and for the best price.
  • Our specialists understand how to stage a home for sale to maximize the value.
  • With a team of contractors, suppliers and installers, we oversee minor work inside and outside of the home to remedy any deficiencies that impact the selling price. Costs are due only on the sale of the home or the termination of the House Listing.
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