The benefits of “Coach Homes” for Seniors

A local company is selling small homes as an option for seniors wanting to age in the comforts of home.

Coach Homes of Ottawa Inc. sells and leases four designs, which range in size from 468 to 634 square feet. They come with extra wide doorways to accommodate wheelchairs, accessible showers and a full kitchen. Most importantly, the home can be placed in the backyard of someone like an adult child to ensure they have support and are close to family.

The City of Ottawa passed a bylaw allowing these coach houses to be placed in backyards to accommodate this alternative "aging in place" option.

Not only are these homes specifically designed for seniors they come with the option of having personalized home healthcare. Desjardins has teamed up with Ottawa company Nurse on Board to design a package of services to help people live somewhat independently in their coach homes, even with serious medical problems. The package comes with a registered nurse to coordinate their care, which includes in-home physiotherapy, foot care and dental hygiene.

The package is available to anyone who owns or leases a coach house and costs $2500 a month for the house and services. According to registered nurse and owner of Nurse on Board Susan Hagar, this is comparable to the cost of many retirement homes.

With this unique package coach houses may also be an option for those needing the support of a long term care facility. A coach home and the services from Nurse on Board allows them to get the care they need while still remaining close to their family, pets, garden and other comforts of home.

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