How To Choose The Right Retirement Home For You

  With Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, Home Care and retirement homes as just a few of the choices of where you can live when you are unable to stay in your home any longer, it's no wonder making the right choice can be very confusing. 

Here is a list of things you can do to help you decide on the best option.
1- Assemble the team. Bring your family together to help you figure out what things you might be looking for in a senior living facility. They may be able to think of things that you would overlook and can take on more of the leg work if needed.

2- Finalize your must have list. This part can be broken down into 3 categories:
Place- Where is your ideal location
Cost- What are the fees you are facing and what can your family afford
Care- What care do you need now and what do you anticipate needing later 
It might be tempting to move closer to one of your children but can you afford care in a larger city? Look at all the details and create a spreadsheet if needed. 

3- Create a wish list. Is there something you would like to learn how to do, or is there something missing from your life? Do you want to be in the city or near the water?

4- Gather all your options. Look at what homes are available in the communities you would like to live in. You can find these on Google searches and start comparing one to another. What are the meals like? What services do they offer...etc.

5-Visit each residence on your short list. Call to arrange a tour (which may include a complimentary meal). Be prepared to change your mind and visit lots of homes to find what you are looking for. Some homes offer a trial stay of a few days if you should choose to do so.

6-Ask the right questions. 

Here is a link to a great website with a checklist for when you are looking at retirement homes


7-Move forward with confidence- when you can think of your new residence as "home", then you know you have made the right choice. Being able to bring items from your old residence such as pictures and furniture can make all the difference in making you feel comfortable.

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