Fun Indoor Activities for Seniors in Ottawa

Ottawa winters can be brutal and the accumulation of ice and snow can pose a serious threat for seniors.

Winter activities like skating on the canal or cross county skiing in Gatineau Park may not be realistic for seniors with limited mobility or who are hoping to minimize their risk of falling.

However, this doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up at home. Here are some great indoor activities that will keep your mind and body active while avoiding the ice and snow.

Visit the Ottawa Art Gallery

This free gallery re-opened it's doors in April 2018 in a new and expanded space. Located in downtown Ottawa near the Rideau Centre, the Ottawa Art Gallery is home to an impressive collection of historic and contemporary works associated with the Ottawa region, including pieces from the Group of Seven. You can also grab a bite to eat at the new restaurant called Jackson (named for Canadian painter AY Jackson) which boasts art-inspired locally-sourced cuisine with wine, local craft beer and cocktails.

Seniors Pop-up Painting at the NAC

The National Arts Centre offers lots of free programming throughout the winter months. The Seniors Pop-up Painting program runs once a month on a Wednesday at 1:30pm in the new Atrium O'Brien. Instructors from Ottawa's Pop-up Painters provide fun and engaging step by step lessons. Registration is required as it is limited to 30 participants. All materials are provided.

Visit a Museum

On Thursday evenings admission to the general exhibits at the National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Museum of History, Canadian War Museum, and Canadian Museum of Nature is free from 5:00pm-8:00pm. Grab an early dinner and spend an evening learning more about Canada and it's natural and cultural history. If you prefer to pay a visit to one of these museums during the day there are also seniors discounts on admission that you can take advantage of.

Visit the Royal Canadian Mint

Bring the grandkids and find out how coins are made, see more than $1 million worth of pure gold and hold a solid gold bar in your hands! It is free to visit the boutique and guided tours are very affordable.

There are lots more fun and affordable indoor activities to do in Ottawa over the winter. Click here to find out what else the city has to offer!

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