7 Tips to Get Better Sleep
7 Tips to Getting Better Sleep

Being able to ‘sleep like a baby’ may be wishful thinking for many as they get older. The truth is, research shows that sleep is an important factor in aging successfully. Proper sleep contributes to better health. 

According to studies, for older adults, proper sleep can help decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke, improve memory and result in other positive benefits. 

So, this information is not something you want to sleep on!  

Of course for some seniors, proper sleep is a nightly challenge.

Since sleep is critical for overall health as we age, we’d like to share 5 Tips to help you get better sleep. 

1. Limit caffeine and alcohol, especially right before bed. 

2. If you exercise, do it earlier in the day (do not exercise within 4 hours of your bedtime).

3. I you find yourself constantly staring at your clock, consider moving it out of your bedroom. 

4. Keep your electronic devices out of the bedroom. 

5. If you suspect stress may be a factor to your sleep issues, consider talking to a friend or seeking professional help. 

6. Keep a journal by your bedside table - writing in a journal regularly could help you work through any issues or problems you might have that could be keeping you from sleeping.

7. Try not to take naps longer than 20 minutes during the day.

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