7 Crucial Travel Tips for Seniors
by Just Imagine Transitions

Is anyone else dreaming of warm destinations right about now? Or is it just us, here, at Just Imagine Transitions

If you are a senior, you know this stage in life is a great time to travel and experience new things! At the same time, being older means that you often can not travel the same way you used to. There may be physical limitations, and it is also important to consider safety, especially if you are in another city or country. 

So we're sharing 7 very important steps seniors can take to help protect themselves and their belongings during their travels. 

And wherever you hope to visit this winter, we wish you safe travels! 

  1. Be careful who you tell you are going away
  2. Be mindful of what you eat
  3. Keep expensive jewelry and accessories to a minimum
  4. Keep in communication with close family and friends as to your whereabouts
  5. Don’t forget to pack your medications, if needed.
  6. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes
  7. Make sure you have the insurance you need

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