4 Ways to Reduce Stress

There is no question that we are living in more stressful times. Some of us have seen very little of our families and grandchildren due to the pandemic and not living in the household as our loved ones.

Ironically, retirement is supposed to be a time of life that is less stressful, with unscheduled time that could be used to relax and enjoy good company. 

But aging brings with it, new concerns and challenges. Health management, retirement funding and maybe a general sense of 'loss'.

Throw in a pandemic, and there is a good number of seniors dealing with anxieties, stress and frustration. 

These feelings can affect sleep, mood and general well-being. 

To help with effective stress management so you can take pleasure in living in the moment, here are 4 ways to de-stress that have helped others:

1. Write it down and find a tentative solution

Try writing down what is on your mind that may be causing you some concern. This will help to start to address the root cause of your specific stress. Consider speaking with a trusted friend or a trained counselor. 

You can also reach out to https://afriendlyvoice.ca/. This is a wonderful organization with trained volunteers that can provide an empathetic ear if you would just like to chat with a friendly person who cares. Please note, it is not a crisis line or referral service. 

2. Read words of Inspiration or just read...

This is a favourite tip! Look for an inspiring story to read. Perhaps a biography of someone you have long admired or find a poem that provides a peaceful read or enjoy some classical literature. Make this a regular habit. We love sharing inspirational stories and quotes on our Facebook page. So be sure to follow our page so that you can also enjoy the inspirational content! 

3. Have a Thankful Attitude

There are only benefits to taking time to reflect on things your are thankful for. The breath you are able to take. Food you are able to enjoy. A phone call with a good friend and loved ones. A smile or laugh shared. Studies show that taking time to focus on what you have instead of what you may lack can have profound positive effects on overall mood. And although taking time to do this may feel difficult or forced at first, they more you do it, the easier and more naturally it will be to do it on a regular basis. 

4. Play with a Pet!

Cuddle your pets and take time to enjoy your walks with your dog, if you're a dog owner. Pets offer soothing comfort to their owners. It's no surprise that during the pandemic the number of pet owners have increased. Pets can be fun, and loving companions and can help improve one's mental well-being. If you are not a pet owner and are considering a pet, ensure proper research is done. Have a conversation with your family to be certain it is the right decision. 

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