4 Ways to Reduce Paper Clutter in Your Home
4 Ways to Reduce Paper Clutter in Your Home

Paper clutter accumulates for a variety of reasons.

Regardless of the reason, many of us would love it if these monster piles of paperwork in our homes were better organized and there was a system in place to prevent future pileups. 

Over the years, our downsizing team has helped many homeowners to tackle piles of paperwork that they are often overwhelmed with. We have some tips we can share from our experiences over the years. 

1. Take steps to REDUCE mail coming in, where you can

Each time you sort the mail, determine if you need to have it in paper form. A good number of documents are now accessible online. If you're not sure how to access your bills online reach out to a friend who can help. There are paperless option for utility bills, medical bills, and banking and insurance documents. 

2. Organize regularly so paperwork doesn't pile up

Once you've reduced the inflow of mail coming into your home in the form of paper, you'll have less to declutter and organize. Try and schedule time to declutter for a short period every few months. If you have takeout menus or catalogs in the mix, see if you can minimize them as this content is more than likely, available online. 

3. Scan what you can

If you are keeping papers because it has information you would like to store, consider scanning the paper and saving the scan to your computer or emailing it to yourself (and saving email in a specifically labeled folder). You can get a scanner for a decent price (they've come down in price over the years) or there are apps you could download on your phone that use the camera on your smartphone as a scanner. 

4. Have an 'In-between' Folder or Box 

If you find your desk or work area is covered in papers that you are not able to deal with right away, designate a place just for them. This could be a folder or a simple box. You can put coupons, bills awaiting payment and other time-sensitive documents there until they can be used, filed, scanned or tossed away. 

Are you downsizing your belongings and looking forward to a smaller, more manageable space?  

Get in touch today to learn more about how our team can save you time, energy and money with your downsizing and home sale.

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