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3 Tips to Preserve Memories from Your Old Home

We were recently helping clients declutter, organize, and pack up their items in preparation for the move to their new place. Not uncommon during this time, was the faraway look that would often come over their faces, giving evidence of their feelings of nostalgia. 

Selling the home where you raised your kids or lived as a couple can be bittersweet, and wrought with emotions. As a team, we take the time to think of ways to help our clients carry these precious memories with them, even if they can't pack everything physically into a box. 

Here are some of our tips, to carry the memories with you:

1. Take a photograph of your old house, and frame it. You can even have it painted off of a photography or artistically rendered. 

2. If there is a plant that you loved having on your property, you may be able to transplant it to your new place, whether through repotting or snipping a branch and planting it in your new yard. 

3. Make a video of you and your family walking through the house and perhaps even pointing out your favourite features of the home, and discussing the memories from each room. 

What have you done to preserve memories from your previous homes?

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